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Becoming a member of YNPN Denver is a great way to invest in your own professional development and in the local nonprofit sector. Members receive access to free networking and personal growth events, discounted rates for training opportunities, and access to member-only programming!

Annual memberships cost $35, and currently serving National Service Members receive a reduced rate of $15 for an annual membership.

Member benefits include:

We invite you to join us and take advantage of everything YNPN Denver has to offer!


Evaluation: Demonstrate How You Make a Difference (NONMEMBER) $20 • 1 visit •

Every nonprofit is charged with the task of evaluating their impact for improving programs, reporting to stakeholders, and increasing funding opportunities. But when resources are scarce, evaluation is often left on the back burner. This workshop will help young nonprofit professionals understand evaluation language and why evaluation is critical for their organization, and will provide tools and resources for evaluating everything from work tasks to organizational outcomes. Come get your burning evaluation questions answered by a professional nonprofit evaluator!

9.13.16 Nonprofit Advocacy: Tools to Further Your Mission (NONMEMBER) $15 • 1 visit •

From direct lobbying to community education, nonprofit organizations participate in a variety of advocacy activities in order to further their missions. Join us on September 13th to learn how nonprofits can advocate for their missions and how you, as a young nonprofit professional, can play a key role. This session will provide an overview of the tools you can use at your nonprofit to advocate for your issues, constituents, and mission. We will discuss the advocacy rules for nonprofits and answer your questions about how young nonprofit professionals can be involved. A panel of presenters will talk about their experiences effecting change at the legislature and the ballot box.

Participants will learn:

  1. Tactics nonprofit organizations and professionals can use to advance their organization’s mission through advocacy work

  2. Fundamental knowledge of rules governing nonprofits’ participation in elections and policymaking (including dos and don’ts concerning nonprofit employees)

  3. Examples of how nonprofits have taken action to effect policy change and increase civic participation